JGB Private Brand
OROFLEX 200 Hose

OROFLEX 200 Hose

Suction & Discharge
Water Hose

Vendor: JGB Private Brand


  • Dewatering operations
  • Manure transfer
  • Mining and fracking services
  • Water bypass operations
  • Refineries & chemical plants-(Resists Aromatics)


Construction: Hose shall be made from 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn circular woven and completely, protected by extruded through the weave synthetic rubber, forming a single homogenous construction without the use of glues or adhesives of any type.
Lining Properties: a. Ultimate Tensile Strength:
    Tensile strength of the lining and cover shall not be less than 1750 psi (12,000 k Pa ).
b. Ultimate Elongation:
    450 % minimum.
Abrasion Resistance: In very extreme conditions where abrasion is the most serious concern OROFLEX 20 would extend hose life. Hose should have excellent abrasion resistance when tested with TABER abraser Wheel H-18 and 1000gr load.
Temperature range: - 22°F (-30°C) to 176°F(+80°C)
Ozone Resistance: Hose shall show no visible signs of cracking of the lining or cover when tested in accordance with ASTM D1149- 64 (R1970), ASTM D518 Procedure B, 100pphm/118 F/70 hours.
Chemical Resistance: Exposure to seawater and contamination by most chemical substances, hydrocarbons, oils, alkalis, acids and greases must have no effect on the short or long term performance of the hose. A chemical resistance chart is available and TIPSA will supply specific chemical resistance data on request of purchaser for unique applications.
Heat Resistance: The hose when subjected to a static pressure of 100 psi ( 700 k Pa ) shall be capable of withstanding a surface temperature of 1112 F ( 600°C) (for a minimum of two minutes without rupture or damage to the synthetic reinforcement.
Repairability: Cover damage, small holes and punctures are repairable with use of REPOKIT and Vulcanizer. Full instructions for use supplied on request.
Color: Black
Lengths: Standard 50’ (15m), 100’ (30m), 200’ (60m). special lengths up to 660’ (200m)

Part # Nominal D WP* Burst End Pull Weight Thickness Request a Quote
in psi psi lbs lbs/ft in
008-1922-0150 12 125 375 31.526 3.55 0.170 Request Quote
* Working Pressure can be raised up to 150 psi (10 bar) if a safety ratio of 2.5 over burst pressure can be accepted.