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Goodyear LPG Delivery Pro

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Goodyear / Veyance Technologies, Inc. Petroleum Hose (Petro Transfer) 
Goodyear LPG Delivery Pro

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Application:LPG Delivery Pro™ is for residential and commercial delivery/transfer of liquid propane gas - the only UL listed LPG bobtail transfer assembly in the market. It features premium braided construction (1" ID and larger), excellent cold weather flexibility, a smooth cover for low drag resistance and low tube extraction to reduce contamination.
   Reinforcement:1/2" and 3/4" Textile spiral
1" and 2" Textile braid
   Cover:Synthetic rubber
Temperature:-40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)
Packaging:Available in coupled assemblies only
Branding:Example: 1" (25.4mm) LPG Delivery Pro™ CGA Type 1 LPG-Hose Issue No. E-8167 350 Psi (2.4 MPa) Max WP. Made in USA
Couplings:Factory installed crimped fittings only
Order Codes:532-412

The GOODYEAR (and Winged Foot Design) trademark is used by Veyance Technologies, Inc. under license from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

in. mm. in. mm. psi. Mpa. lb/ft. kg/m.
1/2 12.7 0.930 23.6 350 2.41 0.28 0.42 Request Quote
3/4 19.1 1.230 31.2 350 2.41 0.46 0.68 Request Quote
1 25.4 1.490 37.8 350 2.41 0.57 0.85 Request Quote
1-1/4 31.8 1.800 45.7 350 2.41 0.68 1.01 Request Quote
1-1/2 38.1 2.080 52.8 350 2.41 1.10 1.64 Request Quote