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Goodyear Plicord ExtremeFlex Food Hose

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Goodyear / Veyance Technologies, Inc. Food Hose 
Goodyear Plicord ExtremeFlex Food Hose

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Application:A high-tech, flexible corrugated hose with pretzel-like agility and proven performance. Best of all, it’s available at a non-corrugated price, making it a great value. With ExtremeFlex, there’s even more to appreciate:
• Flexible Handling: Easier to move in and out of tight spaces and around sharp corners.
• Lightweight: Easier to lift and carry, so there are fewer workplace injuries.
• Lower Force to Bend: Easier to connect and disconnect, keeping productivity high.
   Tube:White Chemivic™ synthetic rubber (FDA/USDA compliant and conforms to 3-A Sanitary Standard 18-03)
   Reinforcement:Spiral-plied synthetic fabric with galvanized wire helix
   Cover:White or gray Chemivic™ corrugated synthetic rubber (wrapped impression)
Temperature:- 25°F to 212°F (- 32°C to 100°C)
Packaging:Coiled & polywrapped
Branding:Goodyear® Plicord® ExtremeFlex® Food Grade 150 PSI WP
Couplings:Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure
Order Codes:549-462 (white)
549-164 (gray)
Category:Food transfer hose
Colors:White and Gray

The GOODYEAR (and Winged Foot Design) trademark is used by Veyance Technologies, Inc. under license from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

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in. mm. in. mm. psi Mpa in. mm. in. mm. lb./ft. kg./m
2 51.2 2.4 62.0 150 1.03 2 51 29 737 1.00 1.48 Request Quote Request Quote
2 1/2 63.7 3.0 77.5 150 1.03 2 1/2 63 29 737 1.61 2.38 Request Quote Request Quote
3 76.1 3.5 89.9 150 1.03 3 76 29 737 1.89 2.79 Request Quote Request Quote
4 102.1 4.6 116.6 150 1.03 4 102 29 737 2.69 3.98 Request Quote Request Quote