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Goodyear/Veyance Technologies - MIL-DTL-29210E Steam Hose

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Goodyear/Veyance Technologies   Steam Hose 
MIL-DTL-29210E Steam Hose

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Application:Updates to new “E” specification

Hose assembly for military applications (such as Navy shipyard use) in temporary services from docks or barges to ships. First Article-approved hose meeting the requirements of MIL-DTL-29210 rev. E. This specification covers metal-lined, wire-reinforced, rubber hose assemblies for conveyance of saturated steam.
Revision E update (key changes):
  • Ozone and steam tests as part of conformance testing are required for 1st Article in rev. E
  • Part or identifying number (PIN) is much more specific
  • The branding requirements have been corrected to brand as MIL-DTL-29210 instead of MIL-PRF-29210C.
   Reinforcement:2 wire braids
   Cover:Black wrapped finish EPDM
Temperature:0° to 406°F (-18°C to 208°C)
Packaging:25’ or 50’ cut lengths
Branding:Goodyear® (Quarter/Year Date Code) MIL-DTL-29210 250 PSIG (1724 KPA {Gauge}) steam 29210E
Couplings:End fittings and special stem design per MIL-DTL-29210E for use with stainless-steel metal liner. Stainless-steel metal liner per MIL-DTL-29210E
Non-Stock/Samples:¾"*, 1", 1¼"*, 1½", 2" (*in development)
Order Codes:539-670

ID NOM. OD MAX. WP WEIGHT Request a Quote
in. mm. in. mm. psi Mpa lb./ft. kg./m.
3/4 19.05 1.315 33.40 250 1.723 0.61 0.91 Request Quote
1 25.4 1.61 40.89 250 1.723 0.82 1.22 Request Quote
1 1/2 38.1 2.12 53.85 250 1.723 1.22 1.82 Request Quote
2 50.8 2.71 68.83 250 1.723 1.80 2.68 Request Quote