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Novaflex 2200 Water Jetting Hose

Hose VendorApplicationPhotograph
Novaflex  Water (Washdown) 
Novaflex 2200 Water Jetting Hose

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Application:Designed for extremely flexible, lightweight high pressure water jetting hose.
Premium cover provides protection against cuts, gouging, scuffs and ozone.
   Tube:Black EPDM
   Reinforcement:Polyester tire cord
   Cover:Smooth black EPDM cover
Temperature:-30° to 180°F

Part No ID OD Plies WP
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2200BE-02000-00 2 2.48 2 500 0.91 Request Quote
2200BE-02500-00 2-1/2 3.08 4 500 1.34 Request Quote
2200BE-03000-00 3 3.61 4 400 1.59 Request Quote
2200BE-04000-00 4 4.61 4 300 2.07 Request Quote