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Goodyear/Veyance Technologies (Continental ContiTech) Pliovic GS

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Goodyear/Veyance Technologies   Air and Multipurpose Hose 
Goodyear/Veyance Technologies (Continental ContiTech) Pliovic GS

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Application:A lightweight, economical general purpose hose for carrying air, water and many spray solutions. Pliovic® is suitable for a wide range of industrial, construction, agricultural hand sprayers and many multipurpose applications. Nonconductive, minimum electrical resistance greater than one (1) megohm per inch of hose length at 1000 Volts DC.
   Tube:Black Pliovic®, RMA Class B (Medium Oil Resistance)
   Reinforcement:Spiral synthetic yarn
   Cover:Pliovic®, smooth finish, RMA Class B (Medium Oil Resistance)
Temperature:-10°F to 158°F (-23°C to 70°C)
3/16" - 3/4"
750’ reels, maximum 3 pieces, 50’ increments

Coupled assemblies available upon request. Contact JGB for availability on cut, coiled, and tied hose lengths.

Branding:Example: Pliovic® GS 3/8" ID (9.5 mm) 250 psi WP. Made in USA. Goodyear®.
Couplings:Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.
Order Codes:540-350 (blue)
540-357 (yellow)
540-472 (black)
540-358 (green)
540-406 (red)
Colors:Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Red

ID NOM. OD MAX WP WEIGHT Request a Quote
in. mm in. mm. psi Mpa lb./ft. kg./m.
1/4 6.4 .45 11.4 300 2.07 0.06 0.09 Request Quote
5/16 7.9 .59 15.0 300 2.07 0.11 0.16 Request Quote
3/8 9.5 .60 15.2 300 2.07 0.09 0.13 Request Quote
1/2 12.7 .78 19.8 300 2.07 0.15 0.22 Request Quote