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Dixon Contractor Pressure Gauges
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Description   Photograph
4-1/2" Face 1/4" Lower Mount  
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Coupling Type
Air & Multipurpose Couplings
Coupling CategoryManufacturer 
Air Fittings Dixon - Air Fittings
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  • accuracy class: ± 1% of span
  • material of wetted parts: copper alloy
  • window: acrylic, snap in
  • dial: aluminum, white
  • pointer: aluminum, black, adjustable
  • mounting flange/bracket: rear flange, stainless steel
  • stainless steel case

4½" face
1/4" lower mount

PSI Part #
0-15 4277750-0001
0-30 4277768-0001
0-60 4277776-0003