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Dixon Polypropylene Bolted Ball Valve with Nozzle

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Female NPT x Nozzle  
Dixon Polypropylene Bolted Ball Valve with Nozzle
Coupling CategoryManufacturer 
Valves Dixon - Valves 

  • rated to 125 PSI at 70°F
  • chemically-resistant, reinforced polypropylene
  • PTFE ball seat
  • EPDM O-ring body seals, Viton® O-ring stem seals
  • 304 stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • FDA approved material
  • body-to-flange design allows for low torque operation
  • PVFPN style is full port; PVN style is standard port

female NPT x nozzle

Size Port Type Polypropylene Part #
1-1/2" full PVFPN150
2" full PVFPN200
2" standard PVN200