Red Head
Style C Caps

Style C Caps

Vendor: Red Head

Coupling Type: Fire Hose Couplings


Lightweight Aluminum (Caps)

Coupling Category:

Fire Hose Coupling

Style C -- Lightweight Aluminum Caps
Series # Size
in. in.
C-10 1
C-15 1 1/2
C-20 2
C-25 2 1/2
C-30 3
C-35 3 1/2
C-40 4
C-45 4 1/2
C-50 5
C-60 6

Rocker lug on sizes 1" through 6".
Long handle available on 2 1/2"through 6" (STYLE C-LH) sizes.
Available with or without 12" stainless steel chain.
Available drilled and tapped l/4"NPT.
Also available with petcock at an additional charge.
Made from 6061-T6 lightweight aluminum alloy, hard coated to resist corrosion and abrasion.
NOTE:Tapered Pipe thread not available.
Also available in chrome (K-C).