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Male Pipe Carbon

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Male Pipe Carbon
Coupling CategoryManufacturer 
Master Crimp Smooth Bore Fittings Jackson Industries 

Male Pipe Fittings - Carbon Steel
Part Number Description-Hose Size
0904TW MNPT (1/8-27)-4
1004TW MNPT (1/4-18)-4
1005TW MNPT (1/4-18)-5
0905TW MNPT (1/8-27)-5
0906TW MNPT (1/4-18)-6
1006TW MNPT (3/8-18)-6
0908TW MNPT (3/8-18)-8
1008TW MNPT (1/2-14)-8
1010TW MNPT (1/2-14)-10
1012TW MNPT (3/4-14)-12
1016TW MNPT (1-11.5)-16
1016Z MNPT(1-11.5)-16Z
1020Z MNPT (11/4-11.5)-20Z