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We stock every major US manufacturer of hoses to meet any need in these areas.
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Become a SupplierJGB Enterprises has long standing relationships with over 1,500 vendors. If our warehouse doesn't have the hose you want in stock, we can often get it overnight.

JGB Enterprises is in the process of building a complete catalog of our products as well as our suppliers' catalogs. New product lines are being added all the time, please be patient as we develop the most comprehensive hose product information database available.


Featured Hoses

The  Perfect Garden Hose (PGH) / The Perfect Water Hose (PWH)The Perfect Garden Hose (PGH) / The Perfect Water Hose (PWH)
The  Perfect Garden Hose (PGH) / The Perfect Water Hose (PWH)

JGB presents "The Perfect Garden Hose", the revolutionary new "unkinkable" commercial grade hose that is made of a unique three-layer design woven fiber core for strength.

This hose has been tested to last many times longer than anything currently on the market. Easy to handle, it is perfect not only for the garden, but also for industrial wash down and construction sites.

Large Diameter Hose (LDH)Large Diameter Hose (LDH)
Large Diameter Hose (LDH) JGB’s Large Diameter Hose (LDH) division was born from our clients demand for quick response assemblies. From standard Sewer By-pass, Well Point jobs and de-watering services to emergency response irrigation and flood zone application, JGB is there for you!

JGB Frac Hose - Fracturing Hose - Frac HoseJGB Frac Hose - Fracturing Hose - Frac Hose
JGB Frac Hose - Fracturing Hose - Frac Hose JGB offers the JGB Private Branded fracing hose, a rugged and flexible hose designed to convey crude oil and oil slurry mixtures for Frac tank connections.

Aircraft Refueling HoseAircraft Refueling Hose
Aircraft Refueling Hose Aircraft Refueling Hose for fueling and defueling commercial and private aircraft. It handles jet fuel and the higher aromatic aviation gasolines. Its high working pressure permits use in fuel cart hydrant service.

Fire Engine Booster Hose - Fire HoseFire Engine Booster Hose - Fire Hose
Fire Engine Booster Hose - Fire Hose JGB offers Fire Engine Booster Hose and Booster Hose Kits for use in high-pressure fire engine booster service or other heavy-duty industrial and municipal operations.

Snow Making HoseWaterblast Hose
Waterblast Hose JGB Enterprises is known for delivering high quality, reliable products for virtually every application, and there is no exception for waterblast hose, for use as an alternative to Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting or other methods of cleaning or removing old materials.

Oilfields Product - Tank Truck HoseOilfields Product - Tank Truck Hose
Oilfields Product - Tank Truck Hose JGB Enterprises Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of custom frac hose assemblies. We have the largest oilfield hose inventory, so we can provide you with same day solutions in an effort to prevent any unnecessary downtime.

Waterblast HoseFood Hose & Sanitary Hose
Food Hose & Sanitary Hose For the processing of foods that require an approved sanitary hose, call JGB. We have a complete line of delivery systems for every application.

Food Hose & Sanitary HoseSnow Making Hose
Snow Making Hose JGB's private-branded Avalanche 2000 snow making hose sheds some light on just how a snow making hose should be produced.

The hose is tough and ready for action, but it is very light in weight. The Avalanche 2000 has a smooth inner lining which provides the user with maximum flow with minimum friction loss.

Metal HoseMetal Hose
Metal Hose


JGB Enterprises is a manufacturer of flexible metal hose assemblies. We provide a full range of metal hose fabrication services, including low pressure, medium, and high pressure assemblies.