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Featured Technology
JGB Extruded-Through-the-Weave Hose Technology


General Hose Information
How to select the right hose
Steam Hose Safety Facts
Hose test methods
Care, Maintenance and Storage
Basic Hose Constructions
Oil and Gasoline Resistance
Precautions in the use of welding hose
Maximum Recommended Air Flow
Definitions of Hose Ends
Glossary of Terms
Goodyear/Veyance Technologies Fuel Alternative Compatibility
JGB Extruded-Through-the-Weave Hose Technology


Water Flow Pressure Loss Chart: 1/2" hose - 3" hose
Water Flow Pressure Loss Chart: 4" hose - 16" hose
Open End Discharge Chart
Fraction / Decimal Conversion Chart
Elastomer Properties Chart
Hydraulic Hose Competive Reference Guide
Temperature Conversions
Steam Temperature - Pressure Conversion Guide
Fittings Size Chart
Force Chart
Air Receiver Capacities
Air Hose Friction
CFM vs PSI for Nozzles
Air Chief Actual Size Profile Chart
Hydraulic Plug Profile Chart


Measurement Information
Pressure Conversions
Measures of Pressure
Length Conversion Constants
Weight Conversion Constants
Feet of Water to Inches of Mercury
Water Data and Formulas


Air Velocity in a Pipe
Air Volume Discharged from Pipe
Boyle's Law
Theoretical Horsepower to Compress Air
Circumference of a Circle - Circle Geometry
Right Cylinder


General Coupling Information

Coupling Identification

Coupling Selection
Thread Configurations - Gates
Quick Disconnect Couplers - Gates
Identifying Threads
Threading Information
Thread Sealing Tips
Thread Dimensions
Normal Engagement Length of NPT Thread in Inches
Cam and Groove Nominal Take-Up Lengths
Bolt Tightening Sequence for Dixon Boss Clamps
Selecting Materials
Sanitary Sizing Guide


Valve Selection Guide
3-Way Ball Valve Flow Options



Quick Disconnect Interchange - Step 1

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Adapter Interchange - Step 1

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