Hose and Hose Assemblies. JGB's Hose, Fitting, and Valves CatalogJGB Enterprises Inc. celebrates its 35 years. The owner, Jay G Bernhardt, founded the company in 1977 and  we have grown the company into a leading defense contractor and commercial supplier in hoses and fittings
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Large Diameter Swaging and Crimping Capabilities

JGB proudly announces up to 10” crimping capability now.

Large Diameter Swaging and Crimping Capabilities

Large Bore Swaging Capabilities - Coupling System (2" to 10" I.D. Hose)
Big Red 10” crimper 

Coupling System (2" to 10" I.D.Hose)

With 100 Ton OTC Electric / Hydraulic Power Unit.

Electric/Hydraulic Power Unit - 10,000 PSI 100 Ton Double Acting Ram w/ 13 1/8 Stroke.

Fitting Types

  • Raised Face
  • Lap Joint
  • Meldneck
  • Male Pipe
  • Victalic
  • Plainends

Hose Types

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