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Ham-Let Product Lines

Ham-Let Product Lines

LET-LOK® Tube Fittings - Ham-Let Product Lines

LET-LOK® Tube Fittings

The LET-LOK tube fitting is a mechanism used for both sealing and gripping tubing. Through mechanical advantage and geometry the fitting produces a leak-tight assembly.

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Precision Instrument Pipe Fittings - Ham-Let Product Lines

Pipeline Fittings

Precision Instrument Pipe Fittings. The Pipeline range of connectors is manufactured for typical applications in chemical and petrochemical processing plants, as well as oil, gas and power generation industries.

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Stainless Steel High Pressure 37° Flared Tube Fittings - Ham-Let Product Lines

SAE 37° Flare Fittings

Stainless Steel High Pressure 37° Flared Tube Fittings 1/8" - 1 1/2". An excellent pressure fitting, the Flare 37° can be used on extra heavy wall tubing, with good vibration resistance in a broad selection of styles and sizes.

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HTC Hi Tech Components - Ham-Let Product Lines

HTC Hi Tech Components

Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings
Mini Weld Fittings
Diaphragm Valves & Regulators

High Quality, specially manufactured valves and fittings for High Purity and Ultra Pure applications.

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Ham-Let offers a complete range of ball, check, relief and needle valves - Ham-Let Product Lines


Ham-Let offers a complete range of ball, check, relief and needle valves.
The high performance valves are available with electric or pneumatic actuators.

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Company Capability

HAM-LET Group is one of the world's premier manufacturers and suppliers of fitting and valve solutions for the semiconductor, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and energy industries.

The Company is a manufacturer of instrumentation for measuring, regulating and controlling flow, pressure and temperature, holding 80 percent of the local market.

The bulk of the company's products are exported worldwide to top companies in the semiconductor and fluid control industries including Applied Materials, Kinetic Fluid Systems, Motorola, Texas Instruments, British Petroleum and other companies.

Founded in 1950, the HAMLET Group has a long heritage of technological innovation and customer-centric service that has given it an international reputation for excellence. As a result, the Hamlet Group today is the fastest growing company in its industry.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Complex

HAMLET Group's highly efficient manufacturing complexes, encompassing more than 600,000 square feet, process millions of parts each month. The site houses Class 10 and Class 100 clean rooms for High Purity and Ultra Pure applications.

Advanced technologies and processes are employed including Flexible Manufacturing Systems, computerized measuring, advanced robotic equipment, automated warehousing, sophisticated machinery, ERP and supply management systems, placing the Company's facilities among the most modern and most efficient in the world.

The Company devotes a significant part of its resources to research and development and employs a staff of experts in a full range of science, engineering, and software and service technologies to ensure a uniformly high standard of product quality control. Products meet the highest quality standards including ISO 9002, Lloyds, TNO, S.A.E. Standard Military Specifications-MIL-F-18866,ASME Standard, and ASTM Standard.

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