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Snow Making Hose

JGB Avalanche 2000 II Snowmaking Hose Premium Quality Double Jacket Snow Hose 800PSI Factory Test

JGB's private-branded JGB Avalanche 2000 snow making hose sheds some light on just how a snow making hose should be produced.

The hose is tough and ready for action, but it is very light in weight. The Avalanche 2000 has a smooth inner lining which provides the user with maximum flow with minimum friction loss.

The Avalanche 2000 key features:

  • Factory Proof Pressure Test of 800 PSI (5500 KPa) and a Service Test Pressure of 400 PSI (2750 KPa).
  • Tightly woven virgin spun polyester outer jacket to assure an extra abrasion resistance.
  • A super strong filament polyester inner jacket was needed for greater pressure capabilities and reduced moisture absorption.
  • Our Patented Mertex process fills the corrugations of the weave yielding low friction loss.
  • Our high visibility green Permatek HP Treatment provides greater abrasion resistance and reduced moisture absorption.
  • The hose is resistant to most chemicals, petrol products, ozone and UV exposure, as well as rot and mildew.
  • We can assure the user that the Avalanche 2000 has excellent cold flexibility to -65°F (-55°C).

JGB Avalanche 2000 II Snowmaking Hose

Application:A snow-making hose with a high-performance construction that gives superior abrasion resistance and longer life even in the most severe applications.
 Tube:Black, fused thermoplastic which produces an extremely smooth waterway which shall significantly reduce friction loss when compared to conventional liners.
   Reinforcement:Woven filament polyester.
Cover:Woven filament polyester.
Temperature:As low as -55°F (-48.3°C)
Packaging:50 ft , 100 ft standard lengths; 75 ft special order.
Couplings:Internally expanded aluminum male NPT threaded couplings or high-performance, quick disconnect couplings.

NOM. IDTest Pressure Burst Pressure 50 ft100 ft
in.mmpsiMpa psiMpaFitting/Coupling Fitting/Coupling
1-1/238.18005.522000 13.79Request QuoteRequest QuoteRequest QuoteRequest Quote
250.88005.52200013.79Request QuoteRequest QuoteRequest QuoteRequest Quote
2-1/263.58005.52150010.34Request QuoteRequest QuoteRequest QuoteRequest Quote


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