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Waterblast Hose

Waterblast Hose

JGB Enterprises is known for delivering high quality, reliable products for virtually every application, and there is no exception for waterblast hose. JGB's offered line of Waterblast Hose includes:


What is Waterblasting?

Waterblasting is an alternative to Sand Blasting, Shot Blasting or other methods of cleaning or removing old materials.

Why use Waterblasting?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces hazardous waste
  • Eliminates air pollution
  • Eliminates damage to nearby structures
  • Removes invisible or unseen contamination
  • Keeps the original profile of the surface that is being cleaned

Other reasons for choosing Waterblasting:

  • 30-35% less time required using Waterblast Hose
  • 40% maintenance savings
  • Six times more nozzle life
  • Cutting speed 100% faster
  • A 2000:1 return on investment

JGB is a proud member of the WJTA - WaterJet Technology Association

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