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Kuriyama T331AH / T331AA - 250 PSI Chlorobutyl Steam Hose

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Kuriyama Steam Hose 
Kuriyama T331AH / T331AA - 250 PSI Chlorobutyl Steam Hose
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Application: The transfer of saturated and superheated steam up to 250 PSI and max 430°F in shipyards, chemical plants and industrial applications.
* Proper draining of steam hose after each use will increase service life.

*Not recommended for washdown applications where detergent or oils are present.

Constant Pressure - 17 Bar (250 PSI)


Handling steam is very hazardous.
If it is not properly controlled it can cause property damage, injury or even death. Selection for the proper application, usage, and maintenance will not only increase hose life but will insure safe operation for the user.
   Tube:Black Chlorobutyl.
Not for steam cleaner use.
   Reinforcement:High tensile steel cords.
   Cover:Red or black heat-resistant EPDM rubber. Wrapped cover fabric impression. Pin-pricked cover to allow venting.
Temperature:-40 to 430 ºF
-40 to 220 ºC
Branding:Embossed brand ALFAGOMMA - ITALY T331 17 BAR (250 PSI) STEAM - DRAIN AFTER USE
Couplings:Steel or malleable iron male insert NPT or female ground joint or washer type with spuds attached with 2 or 4 bolt interlocking clamps.
Universal quick-acting couplings should not be used with steam hose.
Lengths:50 or 100 feet.
Colors:T331AH = red cover
T331AA = black cover
Series No. Nominal ID Nominal OD Approx. WT.
lbs./100 ft.
Min. Bend
Radius (in.)
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in. mm in. mm
T331AH/AA050 1/2 13 0.98 25 39 5 Request Quote
T331AH/AA075 3/4 19 1.26 32 52 7-1/2 Request Quote 
T331AH/AA100 1 25 1.50 38 67 10 Request Quote
T331AH/AA125* 1-1/4 32 1.81 46 83 12-1/2 Request Quote
T331AH/AA150* 1-1/2 38 2.05 52 97 15 Request Quote
T331AH/AA200* 2 51 2.64 67 153 20 Request Quote
* T331AA/AH 1-1/4", 1-1/2" & 2" not suitable for “Ship to Shore” service.