Nycoil / 85A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing

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Nycoil Tubing 
Nycoil / 85A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing

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Application:Due to its extreme flexibility and tight bend radius, 85A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing is ideal for small control circuits or applications requiring repetitive flexing. Just as with Nycoil's 95A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing, Nycoil uses an ether-based raw material for our 85A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing to assure superior moisture, fungus and abrasion resistance. Although its chemical compatibility is similar to that of 95A Durometer Polyurethane, the burst pressure of 85A Durometer Polyurethane is significantly lower, so this requirement must be carefully considered before a final tubing selection is made.
   Tube:85A Durometer Polyurethane
Category:Pneumatic Tubing
Tube I.D. Tube O.D. Wall Tolerance Tolerance Min. Bend Weight W.P. Burst PSI W.P. Request a Quote
in in in O.D.(in) Wall(in) Radius (in) 1000 (lbs) PSI @ 68ºF @ 68ºF PSI @ 125ºF
1/16 1/8 0.031 +.005/-.005 +.003/-.003 1/4 4.5 150 450 90 Request Quote
3/32 5/32 0.031 +.005/-.005 +.003/-.003 3/8 6.1 125 375 75 Request Quote
1/8 1/4 0.062 +.005/-.005 +.003/-.003 3/4 18.3 150 450 90 Request Quote