JGB Eagle Air Wire Reinforced Hose

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JGB Private Brand  Air and Multipurpose Hose 
JGB Eagle Air Wire Reinforced Hose

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Application:Heavy duty air hose for use in mines, construction and industrial applications where maximum service is required.
   Tube:Blend of synthetic elastomer compound, black, smooth, suitable for water and air, resistant to oil mist
   Reinforcement:Steel wire reinforcement
   Cover:Synthetic elastomer compound, yellow, smooth with cloth impression, weather, ozone and abrasion resistant
Temperature:-22°F to 185°F
Branding:JGB Private Label: EAGLE AIR WB 600 PSI MAX WP
Lengths:100 ft. (200’ lengths available upon request)

Features: High safety against bursting, robust, long lasting

Part # ID OD Plies WP Burst Pressure Bend
Weight Request a Quote
in in psi psi in  lbs/ft
003-0323-0600I 2 2.60 2 600 2320 8 1.69 Request Quote
003-0483-0600I 3 3.70 2 600 2320 15 3.02 Request Quote
003-0640-0500I 4 4.80 2 600 2320 20 4.54 Request Quote

* Eagle Brand is a JGB Private Brand Hose