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Vendors > CEJN > CEJN / Series 322

CEJN Original Standard

Part Name Manufacturer Photograph
CEJN / Series 322 CEJN CEJN / Series 322
Coupling Category
Quick Connect Couplings / Fluids
Nominal flow dia.: 7.4 mm (9/32")
Flow capacity: 90 l/min (19.8 GPM uk)
Max. working pressure: 200 bar (2900 PSI)
Connections: Female/male thread
Coupling: Nickel-plated brass/steel
Nipple: Hardened steel, yellow zinc-plated

Features and other versions:
. One-hand operated
. High burst/working pressure
. Extremely high-flow capacity
. Nipples, chemically nickel-plated steel available on request
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