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Hose Name
IVG / Vapofer Steam Hose IVG / Vapofer
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Application: Steam hose for 210C (410F) oil resistant cover

steel cord hose for saturated steam at 18 bar (261 psi) working pressure, it has an oil resistant cover and is designed for service in many industries: chemical, petrochemical, shipyard etc. Not recommended for steam cleaner. The hose can reach peak value of 230 C , 18 bar, of superheated steam. For longer life drain after use.
   Tube: black, smooth, EPDM rubber specially compounded to withstand saturated steam.
   Reinforcement: plies of steel wire cord.
   Cover: black, smooth pin-pricked (wrapped finish) EPDM/NBR rubber compound with excellent resistance to high temperature, weathering and ageing, good resistance to oil.
Temperature: -40F(-40C ) to +410F (+210C)
Branding: continuous spiral embossed marking: "IVG..STEAM.."

CODE I.D. (In.) O.D. (In.) W.P. (psi) Burst Pressure (theoretical) (psi) Nom. Weight (lbs/ft) Request a Quote
1363603 1/2 1-1/16 270 2700 0.39 Request Quote
1335090 3/4 1-19/64 270 2700 0.57 Request Quote
1363581 1 1-37/64 270 2700 0.74 Request Quote
1363573 1-1/4 1-57/64 270 2700 0.92 Request Quote
1363646 1-1/2 2-1/8 270 2700 1.06 Request Quote
1363638 2 2-23/32 270 2700 1.71 Request Quote

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