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Hose Name
IVG / Chicago Fire Protection IVG / Chicago
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Application: First aid water reel booster hose

Softwall hose, designed for delivery of water and extinguishing liquid as reel booster hose on fire fighting truck.
   Tube: black, smooth, EPDM rubber compound which withstands fire retardant chemicals and foams
   Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord.
   Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish), EPDM rubber compound, weathering resistant.
Temperature: -40F (-40C) to +212F (+100C).
Branding: continuous red spiral brand "IVG .."

CODE I.D. (In.) O.D. (In.) W.P. (psi) Burst Pressure (theoretical) (psi) Nom. Weight (lbs/ft) Request a Quote
1117041 3/4 1-1/4 600 1800 0.39 Request Quote
1134469 1 1-1/2 600 1800 0.49 Request Quote
1254901 1/2 25/32 600 1800 0.14 Request Quote
1085344 3/4 1-7/32 600 1800 0.36 Request Quote
1235168 1 1-29/64 600 1800 0.46 Request Quote

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