Parker Industrial STEAM LANCE 150 Hose

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Parker Industrial Steam Hose 
Parker Industrial STEAM LANCE 150 Hose
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Application:WARNING! Water changes to hot water and phases of steam when subjected to heat and pressure. The greater the pressure, the higher the temperature required to achieve, maintain a steam phase. If the steam escapes, dangerous quantities of heat are released very suddenly. Hot water, low pressure steam and high pressure steam can cause severe scalding or fatal burns.


Warning! Failure to properly use,maintain,test and inspect steam hose assemblies can result in injury to personnel or damage to property.

Designed for tough, constant use in steam cleaning operations in oily environments.
Also for saturated steam.
Pressures to 150 PSI and temperatures to 368°F.
10:1 safety factor for steam applications.
   Tube:Black Nitrile
   Reinforcement:One wire braid
   Cover:Perforated Red Neoprene
Temperature:-20° F to +368° F
Branding:Steam-Lance 150 Steam Cleaner Hose
Couplings:Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.
Part No. NOM. ID Reinf. Braids NOM. OD WEIGHT BEND RADIUS Max Rec. WP Request a Quote
in. mm. in. mm. lbs./100ft. in. psi
7250-381 3/8 9.5 1 .781 19.8 28 5.0 150 Request Quote
7250-501 1/2 12.7 1 .906 23.0 34 7.0 150 Request Quote
7250-751 3/4 19.1 1 1.187 30.1 51 9.5 150 Request Quote
7250-1001 1 25.4 1 1.500 38.1 75 12.0 150 Request Quote