Manuli / Refrimaster

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Manuli Rubber Industries Hydraulic Hose 
Manuli / Refrimaster

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Application:SAE J2064 Type E Class I

Mobile refrigeration and air conditioning systems: bus, off highway equipment.

Universal hose, compatible with the most common refrigerants and compressor lubricants
Low permeability to refrigerant fluid
Compact dimensions
Low weight and high flexibility
Field attachable and crimped solutions available with Frigoclic insert

REFRIGERANTS: Compatibility with a wide range of refrigerants (eg. R134a, R404A, R407C)

Compatibility with the most common compressor lubricants (e.g. PAG, POE, Mineral Oils)
   Tube:High temperature resistant thermoplastic (PA) veneer
   Reinforcement:One textile braid
   Cover:High temperature and environmental resistant syntethic rubber (EPDM)
Temperature:Continuous Working: -40°F / +257°F or -40°C / +125°C
Max. Peak Temp. +284°F / +140°C
Standard Part. Ref. Hose Size I.D. O.D. Max. Work. Pressure PSI Burst Pressure Weight lbs/ 100ft Min. Bend Radius Request a Quote
DN Dash inch in. in. psi psi in.
H090020080085 8 -06 5/16 0.50 0.016 500 >3620 6 1.57 Request Quote
H090020100085 10 -08 13/32 0.63 0.016 500 >3620 9 1.97 Request Quote
H090020130085 13 -10 1/2 0.81 0.020 500 >2030 11 3.15 Request Quote
H090020160085 16 -12 5/8 0.85 0.020 500 >2030 13 3.54 Request Quote