Smart-Hose / Lifeline 3

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Smart-Hose Technologies Chemical Transfer Hose 
Smart-Hose / Lifeline 3

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Application:Lifeline 3 is recommended for gaseous flow and liquids applications.

Lifeline 3 incorporates an internally coated cable connected to normally unseated “Valve Plungers” located on each end of the cable. In the event of a hose separation, coupling ejection or catastrophic hose failure, the “Valve Plungers” are released and instantly seat, stopping the flow of product in both directions.

  • Reduce or eliminate personal injury
  • Reduce or eliminate property damage
  • Reduce or eliminate cost associated with hazardous spills

Smart-Hose Safety System Lifeline 3

  • Coupling Data:

    Chemical Version All metal parts are 316 stainless steel
    HCL Version Hastelloy metal parts
    Flammable Gas Version All parts are brass with 316 stainless steel
    Brass Version All metal parts brass
    O-ring All couplings use PTFE Teflon unless other material is required

All completed hose assemblies are tested with dried air under water to the test pressure of the hose assembly prior to shipment. Each hose assembly comes boxed with test certificate and instruction booklet on Care, Use and Maintenance for Lifeline products.
Size (in) Alloys Offered End Configurations Wt. Lbs. * Length (in) WP (psi) Request a Quote
1 1/2 Monel, Stainless 316 Male & Female NPT, Flanges, Cam Lock 3.4 4.74 1000 Request Quote
2 Stainless 316, Hastelloy Male & Female NPT, Flanges, Cam Lock 4.7 5.36 1000 Request Quote
3 Stainless 316 Male & Female NPT, Flanges, Cam Lock 12.1 8.21 800 Request Quote
4 Stainless 316 Male & Female NPT, Flanges, Cam Lock 20.7 9.1 800 Request Quote
6 Stainless 316 Male & Female NPT, Flanges, Cam Lock 61.5 12.25 500 Request Quote
* subject to change