Smart-Hose / Teflon Chlorine Transfer Hose

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Smart-Hose Technologies Chemical Transfer Hose 
Smart-Hose / Teflon Chlorine Transfer Hose

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Application:The Smart-Hose Safety System is combined with a convoluted Teflon tube hose assembly designed to meet the demanding requirements of the Chlorine industry.

The performance specifications meet or exceed the guidelines of the Chlorine Institute.

Smart-Hose safety system for Teflon Chlorine Transfer Hose

The Chlorine Institute guidelines for operation pressure are 500 psi for 1/2", 375 PSI for 1" and 1-1/2" sizes with a 5:1 burst to operation pressure for all sizes.
   Tube:Convoluted PTFE Teflon
   Reinforcement:Hastalloy C276 wire braid
   Cover:High Density Polyethylene spiral wrap
Couplings:Schedule 80 Monel NPT female
ID (in) Max Operating (psi) Hose Wt/Ft Min. Bend Radius (in) Part # Request a Quote 
1/2 1500 0.31 1 T4900413000 Request Quote
1 1250 0.61 3 T4900813000  Request Quote
1 1/2 750 0.91 7.5 T4901230000 Request Quote