Smart-Hose / S02 Transfer Hose

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Smart-Hose Technologies Chemical Transfer Hose 
Smart-Hose / S02 Transfer Hose

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Application:The Smart-Hose safety system is built into a special rubber Sulfur Dioxide discharge hose. Common uses include in-plant processing, truck and rail car loading. This low temperature hose has been uniquely developed to meet the rugged requirements of this application.

Smart-Hose safety system for SO2 Transfer Hose
   Tube:Black, Special low temperature co-polymer resistant to S02 permeation
   Reinforcement:2 layers of stainless steel wire braid
   Cover:Black, Special low temperature abrasions resistant co-polymer
Temperature:-5° to 185° F (-20° to 83° C)
Branding:Yellow Mylar brand – S02 Discharge
ID (in) WP psi  Hose Wt/Ft Coupling Part # Request a Quote
Weight LL (lb)  Weight LL3 (lb)
1 250 .8 2.5 - R34008140000 Request Quote
2 250 1.5 - 4.7 R34016330000 Request Quote