Smart-Hose / Metal Hose - 304 Stainless Steel

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Smart-Hose Technologies Chemical Transfer Hose 
Smart-Hose / Metal Hose - 304 Stainless Steel

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Application:The Smart-Hose Safety System is built into a stainless steel metal hose to prevent or eliminate the catastrophic consequences of a hose separation resulting from a pull away or major hose rupture. In the event of such an occurrence, the Smart-Hose Safety System will shut off the flow of product in both directions instantly upon hose separation.

This type hose is an excellent choice for liquid and gaseous chemicals, along with compressed air, petroleum and other products requiring the chemical resistance of 304 stainless steel.

Smart-Hose safety system for Metal Hose - 304

Each hose is welded by the manufacturer in accordance with their specifications and 100% pressure tested with dried air under water to insure assembly safety. Each serial numbered assembly has a test certification and instruction booklet attached. Mass-spectrometer testing is supplied on request for all hazardous material transfer service hoses. (2" ID and larger hose can have a Flex Guard installed to guard against over bending at the coupling.)

  • Each hose is tested with dry air or nitrogen to test pressure
  • Each hose is serial numbered and has test certificate and Operating Booklet
  • Hose can be made to meet DOT - E 12325 (special rail car unloading exemption eliminates the requirement for continuous human monitoring during load and unloading).
  • Hose can be made to meet DOT HM225/49CFR173.315
   Tube:304 Stainless Steel
   Reinforcement:321 & 304 Stainless Steel (1 or 2 braids)
Temperature:Cryogenic to +450°F (Cryogenic to +230°C)
Welds: Performed by the manufacturer with ANSI code 9 welders
Testing: Proof testing by manufacturer, second pressure test by Smart-Hose to a minimum of 1.5 working pressure based on specification
ID (in) 1 Braid WP psi 1 Braid Hose Wt./Ft. 1 Braid Static Bend Radius (in) 1 Braid Intermittent Bend Radius (in) Cplg. Lgth. (in) Cplg. Type Cplg. Wt. Ea. Request Quote
1/2 796 0.24 1.18 4.73 3 LL1 12.7 oz Request Quote
3/4 597 0.34 1.57 6.50 3.5 LL1 1.6 lb Request Quote
1 455 0.42 1.77 7.49 4 LL1 2.50 lb Request Quote
1 1/2 370 .71 2.36 12.61 4.25 LL3 3.4 lb Request Quote
2 370 1.03 2.96 15.76 5 LL3 4.7 lb Request Quote
3 250 1.50 5.10 18.10 18 LL3 7.1 lb Request Quote