Smart-Hose / Teflon - RC Phase Change Chemical Transfer Hose

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Smart-Hose Technologies Chemical Transfer Hose 
Smart-Hose / Teflon - RC Phase Change Chemical Transfer Hose

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The Smart-Hose Safety System is combined with a Teflon® tubed chemical transfer hose designed to meet the chemical industry’s most demanding requirements. It is light weight, flexible but also rugged.
Teflon-RC will handle chemicals with a phase change to gas down to 60°F.

The environmental and human catastrophic consequences of spills resulting from hose separation and coupling ejection can be eliminated or greatly reduced with the Smart-Hose Safety System.

Before use, consult JGB Customer Service for the compatibility of the chemical to be transferred with the tube type or useJGB's Chemical Resistance Chart.

Smart-Hose safety system for Teflon RC Phase Change Chemical Transfer Hose

  • Each hose is tested with dry air to test pressure
  • Each hose is serial numbered and has test certificate and operating booklet
  • Hose can be made to meet DOT - E 12325 (special rail car unloading exemption eliminates the requirement for continuous human monitoring during load & unloading).
   Tube:Teflon (FEP) conforms to FDA standards
   Reinforcement:Multi layers of synthetic fabric with double helix (vacuum 29 in. HG)
   Cover:Blue EPDM chemical & weather resistant
Temperature:-40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 92°C)
Branding:Continuous “Smart-Hose” Teflon Tube Suction & Discharge Hose WP
ID (in) WP psi Hose Wt./Ft. Bend Radius (in) Coupling Weight (lb) Part # Request a Quote
Lifeline 1 Lifeline 3
1/2 500 0.38 6 0.80 - R2300414000 Request Quote
3/4 500 0.57 10 1.60 - R2300614000 Request Quote
1 450 0.72 13 2.50 - R2300814000 Request Quote
1 1/2 350 1.25 20 - 3.40 R2301232000 Request Quote
2 300 1.70 24 - 4.70 R2301632000 Request Quote
3 175 2.60 40 - 12.10 R2302432000 Request Quote
Weights & dimensions are subject to change