Smart-Hose / PTFE - RC Chemical Transfer Hose

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Smart-Hose Technologies  Chemical Transfer Hose 
Smart-Hose / PTFE - RC Chemical Transfer Hose
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The Smart-Hose Safety System is combined with a PTFE tubed chemical transfer hose designed to meet the chemical industry’s most demanding requirements. It is light weight, flexible but also rugged.

The environmental and human catastrophic consequences of spills resulting from hose separation and coupling ejection can be eliminated or greatly reduced with the Smart-Hose Safety System.

Before use, always consult the chemical resistance chart for the compatibility of the chemical to be transferred with the tube type.

  • Each hose is tested with dry air to test pressure
  • Each hose is serial numbered and has test certificate and operating booklet
  • Hose can be made to meet DOT - E 12325 (special rail car unloading exemption eliminates the requirement for continuous human monitoring during load & unloading).
   Tube: PTFE (FEP) conforms to FDA standards
   Reinforcement: Multi layers of synthetic fabric with double helix (vacuum 29 in. HG)
   Cover: Blue EPDM chemical & weather resistant
Temperature: -40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 92°C)
Branding: Continuous “Smart-Hose” PTFE Tube Suction & Discharge Hose WP
ID (in) WP psi Hose Wt./Ft. Bend Radius (in) Coupling Weight (lb) Part # Request a Quote
Lifeline 1 Lifeline 3
1/2 350 0.38 6 0.80 - R2300414000 Request Quote
3/4 350 0.57 10 1.60 - R2300614000 Request Quote
1 350 0.72 13 2.50 - R2300814000 Request Quote
1 1/2 350 1.25 20 - 3.40 R2301232000 Request Quote
2 300 1.70 24 - 4.70 R2301632000 Request Quote
3 200 2.60 40 - 12.10 R2302432000 Request Quote