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Hose Coupling Swaging Machines and Tools

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SST Part Number: 4530-01002 Synflex SST Part Number: 4530-01002
Coupling Category

Designed to Attach Synflex Permanent Couplings to
Synflex Hose

  • Synflex swaging equipment produces smooth, uniform coupling surfaces, without
    raised edges or ridges common in other coupling methods.
  • Complete range of coupling swaging pushers and dies, up to –16 size are ordered

Part Number: 4530-01002

  • Portable hand operated machine for field assembly
  • Frame can be attached to bench vise or directly to a table with separate mounting bracket
  • Weight: 8 lbs (3.6kg)

Carrying Case for Portable Hand Swager SST
Part No: 45J0-04300

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