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Vendors > Band-It > Galvanized Carbon Steel Band

Galvanized Carbon Steel Band

Part Name Manufacturer Photograph
Galvanized Carbon Steel Band Band-It Galvanized Carbon Steel Band
Coupling Category
Part No. Material* Width Thickness Average Breaking Strength (lbs)
In mm In mm
C30399 GCS 3/8 9.6 0.025 0.63 700
C30499 GCS 1/2 12.7 0.030 0.76 1125
C30599 GCS 5/8 15.9 0.030 0.76 1405
C30699 GCS 3/4 19.1 0.030 0.76 1690
These products available in Mill coil.

*BAND-IT reserves the right to substitute material with equal or better corrosion resistance and/or mechanical specifications.
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