Gates 610W Bulk Commodity - 3132D

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Gates Food Hose 
Gates 610W Bulk Commodity - 3132D
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Application:Pneumatic transfer of flour and other dry foods requiring hose with a sanitary FDA tube.
   Tube:Type D2 (Natural Rubber). Sanitary FDA. White. 3/16" thick.
   Reinforcement:Synthetic, high tensile textile with static conductor.
   Cover:Type D3 (Natural Rubber). Gray with burgundy spiral stripe.
Temperature:-40°F to +150°F (-40°C to +66°C) continuous service.
Packaging:100’ length coiled and wrapped in polyethylene.
Branding:Continuous transfer label. Example: "GATES® 610W Dry Food Transfer Meets FDA 40 PSI (.28MPa) WP Made In U.S.A."
Couplings:Contact JGB for proper hose fitting requirements.
Category:Food and Beverage Hose
Colors:White with Gray cover and burgundy spiral stripe.
Standards: Tube meets FDA requirements.
Item No. Nom. I.D. Nom. O.D. Max. W.P. Suction Min. Bend Radius Wt. Per Ft. Request a Quote
ln. mm ln. mm psi Mpa ln. Hg mm Hg ln. mm lbs. kg
3132-0782 4 101.6 4.56 115.8 40 0.28 48 1219 2.22 1.01 Request Quote
3132-0793 5 127.0 5.56 141.2 30 0.21 60 1524 2.73 1.24 Request Quote
3132-0797 6 152.4 6.56 166.6 25 0.17 72 1829 3.25 1.47 Request Quote