Novoflex 7013 Crush Resistant Rock Dust Hose

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Novaflex Mining Hose 
Novoflex 7013 Crush Resistant Rock Dust Hose
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Application:Recommended for conveying rock dust from blowing machines in coals mines.
Meets MSHA requirements.
Hose will rebound when crushed by equipment or run over by rubber wheels.
Highly recommended for service where heavy abuse is expected.
Plastic rod maintains open I.D. open in tight bends.
   Tube:Abrasion resistant, static-conductive
   Reinforcement:Helical plastic rod between 2 plies of fabric
   Cover:Black flame resistant, corrugated
Temperature:-30°F to +180°F
Lengths:50 ft
Part No ID OD Plies WP
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7013BG-01500-00 1-1/2 1.88 2 100 28" 0.60 8" Request Quote
7013BG-02000-00 2 2.38 2 85 28" 0.8 9" Request Quote
7013BG-02500-00 2-1/2 2.88 2 65 28" 1.00 10" Request Quote