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Novaflex164 PVC Braided Hose with Blue Trace Yarn

Hose VendorApplicationPhotograph
Novaflex Tubing 
Novaflex164 PVC Braided Hose with Blue Trace Yarn
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Application:Heavy duty white PVC tube with polyester reinforcement.
Excellent for potable water and food transfer where a clear hose is not desirable.
FDA-NSF 51 certified
   Tube:White PVC
   Cover:Clear PVC
Temperature:Range: -20°F to 150°F (WP pressures drop above 68°F)
Part No ID OD Max
@ 68°F
Length WT
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164-00375-00 3/8 0.565 150 250 0.076 Request Quote
164-00500-00 1/2 0.7 150 250 0.103 Request Quote
164-00750-00 3/4 0.95 100 250 0.145 Request Quote