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Novaflex 5520 Red Low Pressure Non-Conductive Steam Hose 100psi

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Novaflex Steam Hose 
Novaflex 5520 Red Low Pressure Non-Conductive Steam Hose 100psi
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Application:This textile reinforced steam hose is an excellent flexible light weight hose for transferring steam in medium temperature applications that require an electrically non-conductive hose.
   Tube:Red EPDM rubber
   Reinforcement:Plies of fiberglass tire cord
   Cover:Smooth Red weather and abrasion resistant EPDM rubber
Temperature:Range: up to 338°F
Lengths:100 ft.
Part No ID OD Plies
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5520RE-00500-00 1/2 1.02 4 100 0.34 Request Quote
5520RE-00750-00 3/4 1.27 4 100 0.45 Request Quote
5520RE-01000-00 1 1.52 4 100 0.56 Request Quote
5520RE-01250-00 1-1/4 1.82 4 100 0.75 Request Quote
5520RE-01500-00 1-1/2 2.07 4 100 0.87 Request Quote
5520RE-02000-00 2 2.57 4 100 1.11 Request Quote
5520RE-03000-00 3 3.76 6 100 2.19 Request Quote