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Continental ContiTech Autogrip

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Continental ContiTech / Veyance Technologies, Inc.  Air and Multipurpose Hose 
Continental ContiTech Autogrip

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Application:A premium-quality push-on hose specifically designed for the rigors of robotic and automated applications where flexibility, high abuse resistance and strength are desired. It is ideally suited for use in the demanding applications of the automotive assembly, pharmaceutical, material handling and welding industries. Nonconductive, minimum electrical resistance greater than one (1) megohm per inch of hose length at 1000 Volts DC.
   Tube:Silicone not used in the manufacturing of this hose. Neoprene, seamless, heat and oil-resistant, RMA Class B (Medium Oil Resistance)
   Reinforcement:Braided (1) high-strength yarn laid at the most effective angle for maximum coupling holding ability
   Cover:Weather, abrasion and oil-resistant Carbryn™ synthetic rubber, RMA Class A (High Oil Resistance), MSHA approved
Temperature:-40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93°C)
Packaging:1/4" – 1" 500’ reels, 4 piece maximum, 10’ minimum
Branding:Example: Autogrip® 9.5 mm (3/8") 21 Bar (300 psi) WP Flame Resistant USMHA #. Made in USA Continental ContiTech®.
Couplings:Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.
Order Codes:535-571(Black)
Colors:Black, Green, Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow, Gray, White

* The Continental ContiTech (and Winged Foot Design) trademark is used by Veyance Technologies, Inc. under license from The Continental ContiTech Tire & Rubber Company.

ID NOM. OD MAX WP WEIGHT Request a Quote
in. mm in. mm. psi Mpa lb./ft. kg./m.
1/4 6.4 .50 12.7 300 2.07 .09 .13 Request Quote
3/8 9.5 .66 16.8 300 2.07 .12 .18 Request Quote
1/2 12.7 .76 19.3 300 2.07 .14 .21 Request Quote
5/8 15.9 .92 23.4 300 2.07 .17 .25 Request Quote
3/4 19.1 1.06 26.9 300 2.07 .22 .33 Request Quote
1 25.4 1.34 34.0 300 2.07 .31 .46 Request Quote