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Thermoid Petroleum Hose (Petro Transfer) 
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Application:Type 65 Butane-Propane hose is designed for use to transfer LP Gas from bulk storage to tank cars or cylinders. This hose features a black CR cover that is oil resistant and also resists snagging, abrasion and weather. This hose is lightweight and flexible. All sizes have a flexible static wire. Meets all UL requirements. The 1-1/2" size meets CAN/CGA-8.1-M86, Type 1. The high tensile cord reinforcement is designed for a minimum burst of 1750 psi.

Note: Do not use reusable couplings with this product. This hose is intentionally pin-pricked for safety reasons. Type 65 Butane-Propane hose must be used in an open, well-ventilated environment. Not recommended for use with natural gas or propylene.

Oil Resistance:  High, Medium-High
   Reinforcement:High tensile cord
Temperature:-40°F to +180°F
-40°C to +82°C
Packaging:50 ft.
Branding:Thermoid HBD Industries Inc. Type 65 UL Listed LPG Hose MH12585 Issue Number 350 PSI Max.WP Quarter/Year Made In USA
Couplings:Do not use reusable couplings with this product. Contact JGB for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedures.
Product Number Nominal I.D. Nominal O.D. Plies** Working Pressure Min. Bend Radius Weight Request a Quote
in. mm in. mm psi Mpa in. mm lb/ft Kg/m
17814605 1-1/4 31.75 1.81 46.04 4 350 2.41 8.00 203.20 0.92 1.37 Request Quote
17814610 1-1/2 38.10 2.19 55.56 4 350 2.41 9.00 228.60 1.21 1.80 Request Quote
17814615 2 50.80 2.75 69.85 4 350 2.41 12.00 304.80 1.77 2.63 Request Quote
** Includes dual stainless steel static wire, spiral applied, in all sizes.