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Thermoid Petroleum Hose (Dispensing) 
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Application:Hi-Vac Whip hose’s primary application is the "breakaway" connection from the pump to the primary hose assembly.
This hose is used in conjunction with the Hi-Vac™ Co-Ax® hose assembly.

Note: Do not use reusable couplings with this product.
   Tube:Inner Hose Tube: NBR/PVC
Outer Hose Tube: NBR/PVC, RMA Class A
   Reinforcement:Braided steel wire
   Cover:Inner Hose Cover: NBR/PVC
Outer Hose Cover: CSM, RMA Class B
Temperature:-40°F to +180°F
-40°C to +82°C
Packaging:Depends on the order quantity, contact JGB.
Branding:Manufacturer’s Identification, Product name UL Listed
Couplings:Chrome plated brass metric thread (M34)
Hi-Vac Whip Product Number Nominal I.D Length Request a Quote
inches mm inches mm
22471111031 3/4 19.05 10 254.00 Request Quote
22471111011 3/4 19.05 12 304.80 Request Quote
22473222021 7/8 22.23 10 254.00 Request Quote
22473222011 7/8 22.23 12 304.80 Request Quote