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Dixon Boss Fittings
Dixon 100 Series Hammer Union

Dixon 100 Series Hammer Union

Vendor: Dixon Boss Fittings

Coupling Type: Air & Multipurpose Couplings


1000 PSI NSCWP - yellow sub, black nut

Coupling Category:

Boss Fittings

  • Socket weld configurations and other materials are available.
  • temperature rating: -25°F to 200°F
  • Hammer unions work at extremely high pressures. Mismatching components of one series with another (i.e. series 602 with series 1502) can lead to destruction of property, serious bodily injury or death. Safety Alert - Hose, Couplings, and Hose Assemblies

Note: non-shocking cold water pressure means that the rated value is the maximum pressure at ambient temperature:
  • no spikes higher than this pressure
  • no instantaneous pressure increases (0-2000 PSIG in 1/4 of a second)
  • ambient temperature: 70°F

100 Series

  • used on low pressure manifolds and lines and in applications running air, water, oil or gas up to 1,000 PSI NSCWP (non-shock cold working pressure)
  • yellow sub, black nut
Size Configuration NSCWP Forged Steel Part #
2" threaded 100 series 1000 HU100200
2" buttweld 100 series 1000 HU100200BW*
2-1/2" threaded 100 series 1000 HU100250
3" threaded 100 series 1000 HU100300
4" threaded 100 series 1000 HU100400
4" buttweld 100 series 1000 HU100400BW*
6" threaded 100 series 1000 HU100600
8"threaded 100 series1000HU100800

* buttweld ends are schedule 80

   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -