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JGB Private Brand
Eagle Water Transfer PU for Produced-Water


For Frac Water Transfer Chemical; Fluid Transfer; Produced Water Transfer; Acid Transfer.

Eagle Water Transfer PU Frac Water Hose is made from extruded thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane(TPU) with excellent wear & tear properties, with reinforcement made from circular woven filament polyester yarn. The "extrusion through-the-weave" production method gives a very strong bonding between cover and lining as well as firmly encapsulating the woven polyester. Our PU Frac Water Hose offers high resistance against commonly used chemicals and has excellent resistance to UV radiation, hydrolysis and fungus degradation. The abrasion resistance of the TPU is one of the highest available, making the hose ideal for use in the extremely abrasive environment in open pit mines. The outer cover has been designed with extra thickness in order to add wear & tear material. This extends the useful lifespan of the hose, by offering extra abrasion resistance for rugged terrain and extreme conditions.


TPU (Extrusion through-the-weave)


100% high tenacity Polyester Filament


TPU (Extrusion through-the-weave)


-50°C to 80°C (-58°F to +178°F)


  • Powder Coated
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • PTFE Coated


100m (330ft), 200m(660ft), 300m(990ft), 400m(1320ft)


  • Age Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Acid Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance

Technical Specification:

I.D. Wall Thickness Working Pressure Bursting Pressure Weight approx. Request Quote
inch approx. inch psi psi lbs/ft
4" 0.138 ≥250 ≥750 0.94 Request Quote
6" 0.150 ≥250 ≥750 1.41 Request Quote
8" 0.177 ≥300 ≥900 2.28 Request Quote
10" 0.197 ≥300 ≥900 3.75 Request Quote
12" 0.228 ≥200 ≥600 4.30 Request Quote
14" 0.205 ≥150 ≥450 4.96 Request Quote
16" 0.205 ≥150 ≥450 5.10 Request Quote

*AII above technical parameters are only for reference, details please confirm with JGB

Nipple Chemical Test:

Test Item Concentration % Temperature approx°F Endurance
Nitric Acid 10 75.2 ≥1 year
Phosphoric Acid <5 <212 ≥1 year
Calcium Chloride 10 75.2 ≥1 year
Ammonium Hydroxide 30 75.2 ≥1 year
Sodium Carbonate 10 212 ≥1 year
Lead Sulfate 30 75.2 ≥1 year
Ammonium Phosphate Any 75.2 ≥1 year
Ammonium Sulfate Any 75.2 ≥1 year

*AII above technical parameters are only for reference, details please confirm with JGB

   WARNING: Cancer and
   Reproductive Harm -